Interested in hosting a virtual internship but need some support? Read and download our toolkit for valuable tips, resources, and templates.

Virtual Internship Toolkit  
WorkReady Virtual Toolkit



Why Virtual Internships?

Research shows that employment during the high school years has a positive effect on both the academic performance and long-term wages for a young person. While in-person experiences have been impacted adversely by COVID-19, virtual internship experiences have developed into unique ways for young people to have connections to meaningful work experiences.

How to Structure a Virtual Internship

Interested in pivoting your company’s jobs into virtual work experiences? PYN can help, by first evaluating your organization’s overall readiness in hosting/onboarding young people. Our team has the resources/ tools to prepare and support your organization in the following areas:

Employer Readiness

Use PYN's Employer Readiness Rubric as a logistical guide to ensure your organization is prepared with the proper management, staff, and technology in place to host an intern.

Job Description Planning/Development

PYN can assist your organization with developing an internship experience that is educational, but also enables the student to learn and be trained while contributing to important work tasks.

Applicant Interviews

PYN assists in the interviewing process for the employer by pre-screening applicants most suitable for your internship.

During the Internship Support

PYN provides a Weekly Check-in Tool and a Daily Check-in Tool to serve as guides in supervising and tracking the progress of your intern.

Closing out the Internship Support

PYN can assist your organization in critiquing the overall internship experience by developing a Performance Assessment Tool. This will help to identify the intern’s work ethic, strengths and weaknesses, as well as serve as an educational guide for professional growth and work improvement.