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WorkReady Youth

WorkReady summer jobs are a 6-week opportunity for 12-24 year-olds in Philadelphia.

We will have 8,000 opportunities available.

There are 5 program types, that allow you to:

Explore career interests, give back to your community, practice basic work skills, practice advanced work skills, and experience new ways to learn by working. 

WorkReady partners with 70+ organizations throughout Philadelphia providing 1,000+ places to work!

We are now accepting applications! There are 8,000 opportunities and 16,000+ young people apply each year. Check your email often!

How to Get WorkReady


Your roadmap to getting a summer job through WorkReady:


Gather your docs! For any job (not just WorkReady), you must provide vital documents to prove you are eligible to work. Before getting started, check to see what documents you have already or identify what you will need to locate.

Do you have an email address? You’ll need one to apply for WorkReady. If you need to, you can create a free email account using Google, Outlook, or Yahoo.

Pro-tip: make your email address professional, such as We will contact you at the email address you enter on your application, so make sure to check your email often.

WorkReady Apply

Step 1: Apply February May

Filling out an application lets us know you’re interested in WorkReady and the earlier you apply, the better. This is also the opportunity to indicate if you are connected to a WorkReady partner organization or are interested in working with a specific WorkReady partner organization by using their referral code. You can find a list of WorkReady partner organizations here.Applying does not guarantee placement in a program.

Download the paper application and submit it to a Career Exposure partner organization.

Apply online at In order to complete the online application, you'll need:
  Applicant's date of birth
  Applicant's Social Security Number
  Valid Photo ID
  Email address
WorkReady Enroll

Step 2: Enroll March June

Enrollment is your connection to a WorkReady partner organization and your opportunity to turn in the necessary paperwork to continue beyond the application phase. Enrollment sessions are in-person and by invitation only.

If you are invited to an enrollment appointment by a WorkReady partner organization, you will need to bring employment paperwork and vital documents proving you’re eligible to work.

Please note that eligibility varies across the different programs. Here is a list of things that need to be verified and the appropriate documentation you can bring to do so.

To verify: You will need one of the following vital documents. If you do not have them, you can use the links below to find out how to get copies of your vital documents.
Social Security Number helps identify and accurately record wages or earnings.
  • Social Security Card
  • Social Service Record
Identity and Age
Philadelphia Residency
Citizenship/Eligibility to work
Selective Service [males only]
  • If you are 18+, you will need an online verification printout. You can register, or update and verify your existing registration.
  • If you will be turning 18 before the last day of the program, please bring the registration form.
School Status School Records [such as a report card]
Low Income or proof of additional barrier to employment. participants must prove low income eligibility or provide proof of barrier to education and employment. Additional information can be found here.
WorkReady Match

Step 3: Get Matched to a Job through July

Once you have completed steps 1 & 2, if selected, the partner organization you’ve connected with will match you to your summer job.

WorkReady Finish

In order to get matched with a job, steps 1 and 2 must be completed. If you are matched with a job, the partner organization will contact you.

Program Types


WorkReady Summer jobs fall into 5 program types, which provides real-world experiences to prepare you for the workforce. Eligibility and payment vary by program type. You must live in Philadelphia and be between 12-24 on July 6, 2020.

  • Explores career interests through Career Exposure Activities include: Learn about careers and opportunities beyond high school; Explore personal interests, and careers; Determine the skills and experiences careers require; Focus on long-term and short-term goal-setting; Begin to build social network.

    Ages 12-14  |  Receive bi-weekly incentives up to a total of $595
  • Give back to your community through Service Learning Activities include: Working in teams; Addressing real-world issues or needs in the community; Explore real-world challenges through research, reflection, and project development, as well as through direct-service or advocacy.

    Ages 14-24  |  Hourly wages starting at $8.25 with bi-weekly payments
  • Practice basic work skills through Work Experience Activities include: Interacting regularly with a trained adult supervisor to complete assigned tasks that add value in the workplace; These jobs are often in recreation or childcare centers.

    Ages 14-24  |  Hourly wages start at $8.25 with bi-weekly payments
  • Practice advanced work skills through Internships This is an intermediate level opportunity for participants who have prior work experience.
    Activities include: A deeper look at a chosen career; Developing skills and an accelerated rate.

    Ages 14-24  |  Hourly wages starting at $9 with bi-weekly payments
  • Experiences new ways to learn while working through Innovation Accelerator Activities include: A variety of experiences that are valuable

    Eligibility and payment method vary by program.

Contact Us


WorkReady is managed by the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN). If you have questions or need help getting connected to a summer job, you can contact your WorkReady program partner or contact PYN directly by: