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WorkReady is a program in July-August for youth living in Philadelphia. This year, WorkReady Summer experiences will include safe in-person participation at least 3 days/week. To keep everyone safe, we will continue to monitor all government orders and recommendations.

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This year, WorkReady Summer experiences will include safe in-person participation at least 3 days/week. To keep everyone safe, we will continue to monitor all government orders and recommendations.


All participants receive either wages or incentives.

Incentive-based programs are targeted towards young people, 12-24, with little to no previous work experience. These programs offer opportunities to learn about careers and career pathways, set short-term goals, and provide the opportunity to work on individual or group projects. Young people can earn up to $595 in incentive-based programs.

Wage-based programs are targeted towards young people, 14-24, with previous work or leadership experience. These programs offer opportunities for career exploration and preparation, and engage participants in hourly work-based experiences. Young people earn $9 per hour in wage-based programs.


How to get WorkReady


Before you get Started


You must live within Philadelphia, be between 12-24, and submit your vital docs to participate.

Individual programs may have additional eligibility requirements. Please visit our program locator to learn more.

Email Access

You'll need an email address to apply for WorkReady. You can create a free email account using Google, Outlook or Yahoo. We will reach out to you by email, text and phone calls to help you throughout this process.

Learn more:

Step 1: March - June


Filling out an application lets us know you're interested in WorkReady. If you already know which program you want, enter their referral code on your application. If you aren't connected to a WorkReady program partner, you can find a code for one of our programs using our Program Locator.

Applying to WorkReady Summer does not guarantee placement in a program.



After you apply and select a program, you may be invited to submit the required paperwork. Start collecting your documents and starting your paperwork early. It's a requirement for WorkReady experiences or any job application.

If you've been invited to submit required paperwork, you will receive an email invitation to complete your enrollment packet and necessary paperwork. Be sure to check your email for an email from "" or "". If you aren’t able to find it, check your Junk or Spam folders!


If you have your social security card, a form of photo ID that has your address, and a work permit if you're not 18 yet, you're all set!

Don't have those? No problem. Check out our Vital Docs list to learn what other docs are accepted.

Social Security Number
(helps identify and accurately record wages or earnings)
  • Social Security Card
  • Social Service Record
Identity and Age
Philadelphia Residency
Citizenship/Eligibility to work
Selective Service
[males only]
  • If you are 18+, you will need an online verification printout. You can register, or update and verify your existing registration.
  • If you will be turning 18 before the last day of the program, please bring the registration form.
School Status
  • School Records [such as a report card]
Low Income or proof of additional barrier to employment.
  • Participants must prove low income eligibility or provide proof of barrier to education and employment.


Submit Your Paperwork

You will need to return to your application to upload clear digital copies of your paperwork and vital documents.

Do not email any documents

This process, called enrollment, can be completed using a mobile device or computer. Not every applicant will be selected to enroll. If you are selected to enroll, you will be notified by email. We will also text and call you, to help remind you to check your email.

Have you completed Steps 1 and 2?

Return to your application to enter your program partner's referral code or upload paperwork.

All Finished?


Once you have completed steps 1 through 3, your program partner will share details about your digital or in-person experience.

This summer, all WorkReady experiences will include safe in-person participation at least 3 days per week.

Need Help?


If you have questions or need help getting connected to a summer job, you can contact your WorkReady program partner, check out our program locator, or contact the WorkReady Summer Customer Service Center:

  Call using the WorkReady Hotline: 267.502.3900

The WorkReady Summer Customer Service Center is available Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

WorkReady is managed by the Philadelphia Youth Network.
Have feedback about your experience? Let us know!



Do you need additional support with the application process?
Check out this suite of videos for additional help:

Frequently Asked Questions


Is WorkReady virtual this summer?


All WorkReady experiences will include at least 3 days/ per week in person participation. Some programs may be 5 days a week in-person. Participation during in-person days is a requirement of the program. To keep everyone safe, we will continue to monitor all government orders and recommendations.


What if I and/or my parent or guardian have concerns about in-person experiences?


We recognize everyone can make the best choice for themselves and/or their family related to what programs you may choose to participate in. WorkReady programs will be in-person at least three (3) days per week.


What safety measures will be in place at WorkReady programs?


The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) has always prioritized safety and believes that WorkReady Summer 2021 in-person experiences can be done safely. Experiences must include a minimum of 3 days per week of in-person experience, coupled with digital and virtual programming. All program sites and worksites are expected to adhere to local, State, and Federal safety guidelines to ensure all young people and the caring adults who are working with them, stay safe this summer.

PYN and our partners are taking a variety of steps to support young people, program providers and worksites this summer:

  • All program and employer worksites are required to complete a pre-safety questionnaire, informing PYN of the steps they are taking to adhere to safety guidelines. Provider and worksite partners will each sign off on their shared worksite agreement to better ensure transparency and shared understanding of safety protocols and roles and responsibilities between all partners. PYN Program Operations staff will then review each one via the Quality Review process.
  • Every provider will receive PPE and youth will receive a care package with one branded mask and three disposable masks.
  • PYN representatives will do a sample monitoring of utilized in-person worksites (both program and employer) to check in on how safety protocols are being rolled out and to provide any additional support or resources possible.
  • PYN's Program Managers can provide technical assistance and guidance to providers regarding established rules, regulations, and procedures especially in relation to child labor laws. More information can be found in PYN's Worksite Toolkit.
  • Every program provider was offered the opportunity to learn about best practices for in-person programming, via a panel of the City's Out of School Time (OST) providers who have implemented in-person programs over the last year.
  • Collect any provider questions related to the Department of Public Health's (PDPH) Summer Camp guidelines and organize a Question and Answer session for providers with PDPH if necessary.
  • Providers are currently eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine. For additional information can be found at the City's Vaccine Sign-Up.

For any questions about PYN's WorkReady Summer 2021 safety approach, please contact


I can't find my social security card or ID. What other documents are accepted?


You will need one of the following vital documents from each section to meet the requirements to participate in WorkReady. If you do not have them, you can use the links below to find out how to get copies of your vital documents. Processes to obtain documents may be delayed due to COVID-19 regulations. Check your docs


I don't have an email address. How do I set one up?


Check out this video with steps to help you prepare to get WorkReady!


When will my experience start?


WorkReady summer experiences will occur between July – August. A typical program will run 6 weeks and approximately 20 hours per week, but programs vary.


How will I get paid?


Payment will be via wages or incentives and will be dependent upon the individual WorkReady program you are connected to this summer.

Most young people will submit timesheets for hours worked, and receive payments every other week (biweekly). Depending on the preferred payment method you selected in your online application, you will receive your payment via Direct Deposit, Payroll Visa Debit Card, or Check.

  • If you selected Direct Deposit, we will deposit your pay directly into your bank account.
  • If you selected Payroll Visa Debit Card, you will receive a pay card in the mail prior to the first pay date for WorkReady Summer, and your money will be deposited onto that card on paydays.
  • If you selected Check, we will issue you a paper check, which gets sent to you via the mail.

Please note, in order to receive your Payroll Visa Debit Card or Check, the address listed on your WorkReady application should be up-to-date and correct. This is the address we will use for all mailing.


What if I wasn’t selected for a WorkReady program?


There are a variety of other summer work experience options available in the city of Philadelphia. We recommend exploring the City of Philadelphia’s #PlayItSafePHL offerings. Check out this website to see what summer programs are available near you.


How do I set up my preferred payment method?


In order to set up your preferred payment method, follow the steps below:

  1. Log back into your online application, and enter your email and password
  2. Once logged in, select the “Payment Method” tab at the top of the page
  3. Select your option from the drop-down menu
  4. Follow the instructions on the page to activate your selection
  5. Click Submit

What are my rights as a participant in the WorkReady program?


Please review the participant handbook for details regarding your participation in WorkReady. The handbook outlines policies and processes to submit grievances or report issues at your worksite. You can also find resources via the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) Youth@Work website.